It Takes Money to Make Money


The old adage it takes money to make money holds true in most aspects of running a business. You need to spend money on back office software programs, insurance, materials and labor to bring in revenue. One of the best returns on investment is the money you spend on personnel. People are the core of a successful businesses and Staffing Companies can help strengthen that core. 

By spending money on temporary employees, you can handle any work surges, be it seasonal, new work, or a valued client that’s growing and needs you to grow with them. By using temporary staff, you can reduce your workforce easily when specific projects are complete and not have weekly payroll costs looming over your head. While you’ll pay a slight premium for a worker’s hourly rate, it will give great return on your investment by bringing in more revenue. 

At First Response Staffing, LLC we have many off-duty and retired public safety workers to can assist your company in a variety of set-ups to increase your revenue. We offer traditional placement fee options as well as a staffing fee commission that you only pay per actual hour that the employee works. To find out more call 844-STAF-911 (844-782-3911), email or contact us for more ways to increase your revenue with our hired heroes.

These “Temps” are on the Rise


Staffing Companies, Staffing Agencies, Temp Agencies or whatever name you call them have provided a temporary staffing solution to businesses in the past and continue to today. One thing that’s changed is the negative connotation with the word “temp” or “temporary employee”. In the past, workers who didn’t qualify for full time positions sought employment from a temp agency. This didn’t always bring the most reliable workers to a job site. 

Today more and more highly qualified workers are choosing to work in the temp field and are part of the growing “gig economy”. These workers bring a varied skill set to a business and contribute in many valuable ways other than a specific job duty for that day. They enable companies to be represented at the highest level of professionalism at all times when working in the public eye. 

At First Response Staffing, LLC our temp workers are off duty and retired public safety personnel working your private jobs for your company. We’re not the temp agency of the past, but the agency of the future. If you have any questions or would like to know how today’s “temps” can help your grow business and get through any staffing challenge, call  844-STAF-911 (844-782-3911) or contact us here.