Time is of the Essence…


For your business, for your clients and for everyone in order to maintain customer satisfaction. When you have employees unexpectedly call out sick, get injured and miss long term shifts or have vacant shifts due to resignation, you need to act fast. A temporary staffing company that can quickly address your needs is key to not disrupting the service you provide to your clients. 

When you call for relief workers, you need to know how soon someone can be there and how quickly they can acclimate to the work at hand. Some staffing companies can handle this in weeks, days or maybe hours. The ones that can fulfill your needs within hours with a qualified worker are in high demand. They can make or break your deadlines and help you run your business smoothly, without interruption. 

At First Response Staffing, LLC we aim to fill all job sites quickly, with an over qualified worker. We primarily staff our clients with off-duty and retired First Responders who can perform a multitude of tasks within the private sector. These hired heroes make great drivers, event staff support personnel and team leaders, just to name a few positions. Call 844-STAF-911 (844-782-3911), email info@firststaffllc.com or contact us to learn more.