Government Contractors

  • Our personnel can work a variety of non-skilled positions - Escorts, Security Escorts, Cleared Escort, Warehouse workers, Drivers/Delivery Drivers, general labor and facility support labor. Able to lead teams of other workers on the sites.

  • Ability to obtain clearance for sensitive sites due to having clean background checks. Familiar with operating at or around secure facilities. Able to follow facility protocols that are job specific and/or facility specific. Able to follow standard operating procedures and work unsupervised.

  • Some need Pre-suitability Clearance like “Public Trust” clearance

  • Our retired command officers and chief officers advise clients in the emergency management fields including response and recovery and disaster response.

  • Our personnel have supported various Government agencies in the past such as Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), Department of Defense (DOD). FRS has supported a variety of private and public organizations including jobsites at : United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), US Department of Energy (DoE), US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Howard University, University of Maryland Medical Center just to name a few.

Agencies that trust us:

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