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First Response Staffing (FRS) understands the challenges employers face fulfilling short term staffing needs. These staffing needs are generally very short term, are often times needed with little or no notice and in many cases, require demanding schedules (often times night or shift-work). FRS and its workforce are uniquely suited to fill these challenging work assignments as they are identical to the challenges they face every day in their public sector careers.

Many other staffing agencies can provide long term staffing solutions for full time employees, and “temp agencies” can provide short-term staffing solutions for assignments lasting weeks or months at a time, yet no staffing company can provide immediate short term staffing solutions with a qualified and reliable workforce like FRS. Finally, a staffing solution exists to fill short-term staffing needs with a quality workforce.

Due to their unique first responder career training our FRS workforce has unmatched value added skills that are highly sought after. The majority of the FRS workforce:

  • Are immediately available to support your staffing requirements

  • Are highly trained career first responders

  • Are trained in workplace security and safety

  • Are trained to handle stressful situations

  • Passed security background checks

  • Possess other valuable private sector licenses and certification to include (CDL’s, ethics training, and infection control procedures)

  • Are leaders in their public safety careers

  • Are professional, reliable, prompt and motivated

  • Have access to FRS’s fleet of vehicles and equipment inventory if needed to maximize jobsite production

Our First Response workforce is ideally suited to support a wide variety of industries and a vast array of work assignments. We can immediately respond during both seasonal and demand surges as well as unexpected vacancies.

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