Unmatched Staffing Solutions


Our Mission

The sole mission of First Response Staffing (FRS) is to assist private sector companies in fulfilling their short-term and long-term staffing needs with a quality, dedicated, reliable and highly skilled workforce while providing additional employment opportunities for our nation’s first responders.


For Industry Partners

FRS understands the challenges employers face fulfilling staffing needs.  FRS and its workforce are uniquely suited to fill these challenging work assignments as they are identical to the challenges they face every day in their public sector careers. Join the First Response Staffing Network (FRS Network) and start hiring heroes today.


For Candidates

FRS is one of the only employee staffing networks comprised of a qualified, reliable and consistent workforce made up of public sector workers just like you.  Our primary goal is to provide public safety workers with opportunities to supplement their incomes on their regular scheduled days off. All you need to do is sign-up.


Service Providers


The FRS Network is also comprised of service providers. We are proud to refer you to any member of our network and guarantee that they will provide you with the best customer service experience. Visit our service provider page to learn more and to request a quote from the FRS Network.